DPEA Students present the Carousel of Physics

The Mechatronics senior capstone project was introduced in 2014-15. This project involves the comprehensive design, prototyping, fabrication, exhibition, and then installation of a museum-quality kinetic exhibit. Each year, the students will present their Mechatronics installation at the Bay Area Maker Faire. The installation will then be displayed in a highly visible public space, such as a shopping center, museum, zoo, or government building. DPEA founder and director, Amir Abo-Shaeer is the primary leader of the Mechatronics capstone project.
Mechatronics appears on Dos Pueblos High School transcripts as the following 
classes. Students also have the option of taking only 2 periods a day if their schedules require flexibility.
  • Class #1: Advanced Engineering Physics (H)
  • Class #2: Mechatronics 1 (H)
  • Class #3: Mechatronics 2 (H)

The students worked throughout the year to create the “Carousel of Physics,” a large kinetic sculpture containing over 60 dynamic mechanisms. Each mechanism demonstrates a concept of engineering, science, and physics. Steel balls guide the viewer through the 15 sectors exploring heat, electricity, fluid mechanics and more!

The 2016 class worked on the Physics Arcade, a set of stand-alone installation that will be enjoyed by wide audiences when exhibited in museums, corporate spaces, private galleries, and public venues.
This year’s seniors will refine, reimagine, and expand upon the Carousel of Physics and the Physics Arcade, as well as develop new products. Students will be working in Departments in Working Groups comprised of approximately 15 students. Within each Working Group, students will work as individuals and small teams, depending on the size and scope of their projects. Students will move through Departments in their Working Groups, and will work with a variety of DPEA staff members on different aspects of the product development cycle.
Future Senior Projects
Mechatronics senior projects will be exhibits, installations, and/or interactive experiences. The goal is for each project to be unique and for students to participate in the process of product development from concept to fabrication.